Carty Contrators Ltd., have a wealth of experience in civil works, from Bridges to Roads, to Slipways and Jetties.

We have considersble experience in projects including: Watermains, Sewers, Reservoirs, and Treatment works

A new and rapidly emerging sector of civil engineering. Carty Contratord have all the skills to grow this division.

Marine and Bridge Works

Claregalway Bridge

Brief project details:
Diversion of the 600mm and 250mm main Galway city supply to facilitate an additional eye on the Claregalway Bridge. The work involved the temporary by-pass of a section of the main. This required 4 major connections on the two mains at either end of the bridge. Uninterrupted water supply was facilitated by alternating mains supply between the two existing lines.  The temporary supply was attached to a temporary Bailey bridge. The new eye was installed and the permanent supply installed. The work was closely coordinated with the Office of Public Works who were the Project managers.
Value: €220,000.00

Office of Public Works  

Consultant: Ryan Hanley 

Claregalway Bridge





Claregalway BridgeClaregalway Bridge






Kilkiernan Pier

Brief project details: The Construction of 400m2 x 10m Deep Reinforced Concrete Pier. This involved sub aqua work in tidal conditions

Value: €1,030,000.00

Galway County Council

Consultant: Malacy Walsh and Partners 

Kilkiernan Pier

Brief project details: The Construction of new reinforced concrete slipway and retaining wall at Lillala pier. This involved sub aqua dredging and piling work in tidal conditions

Value: €530,000.00

Mayo County Council

Consultant: Malacy Walsh and Partners 

Bridge Works


Brief project details: Construction of a weir and foot bridge 150m long over the Garavogue river. The project involved the works in the river requiring a cofferdam.  

Value: €1,250,000.00

Client: Sligo  County Council

Consultant: Jennings O’ Donovan  and Partners 


Brief project details: The construction of a footbridge across the river Erne in Ballyshannon. The project involved the construction of abutments on either bank with access only either side. Installation of a prefabricated steel bridge access ramps, lighting, paving  

Value: €320,000.00

Client: ESB

Consultant: ESB